Located in the south of Morocco, Dakhla is a small part of paradise, lost between the waters of the Atlantic and the sands of the Sahara. It gives you a complete change of scenery. Kilometres of beaches expand from one side of the town to the other : an opportunity to relax, and indulge in all kinds of water activities.

These shores are one of the most beautiful ones in Morocco. These pearls are an absolute haven of peace ; an ideal place to bask in the 25-degree sun all year round.

In the surroundings, the PK25 and Foum El Bouir beaches are particularly famous. While PK25 is a perfect place for relaxation, where to swim quietly in the calm and crystalline waters of the lagoon, the atmosphere of Foum El Bouir is more lively.

Being the perfect places for sliding sports : Surfers, kitesurfers and windsurfers, whether amateurs or professionals, meet here to experience thrilling challenges with waves and winds. « Pointe de Dragon » is another internationally renowned spot : waves are impressive and the most famous surfers have come in droves to these spectacular tubes that run for hundreds of metres.

Leading to sub-Saharan Africa, Dakhla is a gateway to a never-ending array of thrilling and exciting activities !

A haven for sports addicts

Dakhla, the windy city

Dakhla is a must-go place for sliding sports. On the Atlantic coast, under clear skies and sunshine, enjoy the waves and the wind.

In this area, three spots are particularly famous. On the lagoon side, the PK25 beach particularly seduces kiteboarders : here, fair winds carry give you the opportunity to perform your best stunts. A little far away, a sand dune bathing into the sea indicates the most beautiful spot of the surroundings. It is the tip of the dragon, the place not to be missed by all sliding sport lovers. If you are an amateur surfer, the ocean side is the best place for you : the Foum El Bouir beach is the spot where all the surboard lovers are gathering.

In Dakhla, fishing is not to be outdone. On the shore, you can practice surfcasting. You can also rent a zodiac and, in a guide’s company, discover the richest waters in the area.

A mythical lagoon

Be the robinson crusoe on the beaches of dakhla

From north to south, with its hundreds of kilometres of deserted, sandy golden beaches, opening onto the Atlantic, Dakhla offers you a pictiresque setting. You’ll feel in symbiosis with a preserved and beautiful nature.

Located on an almost island, at the entry of the Rio de Oro, the bay of Dakhla and its splendid lagoon with warm turquoise waters is home to migratory birds, pink flamingos, turtles, monk seals, rays and humpback dolphins. You can admire them from the southern end of the peninsula, at Punta Sarga.

In addition to lazing around, swimming and surf-casting fishing, you’ll have the opportunity to practice the most fashionable nautical activities. The city tops the list of worldwide water sports since 2014.

Surfers, kite-surfers or windsurfers, who also consider this spot as one of the most beautiful on earth, meet on the beach of Foum El Bouir to experience challenges.

Going down further south, you’ll arrive to the superb white sand beach of Puertito, as well as the beach of Puerto Rico, where you’ll have the opportunity to sleep in tents beneath the stars.

Enjoy the charms of the unknown pearl of Morocco.

Kitesurfing, diving and water activities in dakhla lagoon

The natural ressources of dakhla

One of the most beautiful cities in Morocco, Dakhla is a seaside town. You can relaxe at the edge of its lagoon, swin in the seawater, while having fun there. Being gateway that leads to the desert, Dakhla is also an adventure spot where to practice thrillinga activities and explore the hidden treasures.

Going for a Marine expedition or a land expedition ? The first one takes you to hunt waterfowl. In the middle of the fishy waters of Dakhla, you can indulge your passion for fishing with your feet in the water : Throw your line in the waves, practice surfcasting, pick a Zodiac, move away from the shore, catch a bigger fish.

For an adventure experience outside of the shores, the Sahara and its mysteries awaits you. In a 4x4, cross the sands, quench your thirst at the source of Asma and set off to discover the White Dune. You can also ride a camel, explore the desert on the trail of old civilizations, and admire the paintings that nature composes, among the most beautiful ones on the planet.

Much more than a place to relax, Dakhla will take you to a sensational journey of unexpected moments.